The Athlete-Advocate 

Our story begins with the idea that sports, and the pursuit of athletic achievement, can be a catalyst for change in all aspects of life.

We are inspired by the millions of people around the world who bring this to life, and use their athletic achievements as a platform for personal and social change. In the same way that professional athletes and sports teams use their platform to have a broader impact, we founded ACTIIVST to mobilize a movement of everyday athletes to spark change in their own lives and advance causes that make the world a better place.

We set out to build an athletic-streetwear lifestyle brand that brings together fashion, sports, and positive social change. Each of these have their own power to move people, and we want to unlock the transformative impact they can have together.

Our inspiration is the athlete-advocate. They are the ACTIIVST, and the center of everything we do.

The Business of Doing Good

The team behind ACTIIVST have roots in the retail apparel industry that goes back decades. Driven by a love of the fashion business, we admired how the companies we worked for gave back to communities and supported causes.

However, in the corporate world, doing good and achieving commercial goals can be seen as different things. We created ACTIIVST to break the mold and create a new business model where having a positive impact sits alongside making a buck.

Now we’re in the business of doing good.

Our goal is not to add more to an already overly congested apparel market, in fact, we hope to see overall consumption decrease in the future. Instead, we aim to shift a greater share of existing consumption to support causes that do good in the world, and inspire others to do the same.

More than just great product, our brand is a means of self-expression and a platform to help amplify athletic and social achievements.

The Power of Storytelling

We’ve grown tired of traditional marketing and advertising, and instead want to introduce people to our brand and expand our reach through the power of storytelling.

Our rallying cry is: ‘Tell A Better Story.'

This is the thread that ties ACTIIVST together. By sharing stories about real people rewriting their own tale for the better, we believe that we can motivate others to do the same.

Without storytelling we’re just another brand that gives back, and that’s not good enough. So, we rely on the community of current and aspiring ACTIIVST’s to share their stories with us. We then help share them with the world to encourage others and advance the movement.

It’s this community that shapes everything we do; from the products we sell, to the causes we support, to the stories we share and ultimately the impact we have.

Our Impact

There are incredible organizations doing inspiring work around the world. We experienced first-hand the struggles they face balancing their mission with maintaining the financial health they need to carry on.

Every minute spent fundraising and trying to make ends meet, is a minute not spent serving their cause. By connecting with ACTIIVST’s that are already involved in these organizations, we help fund them directly. Beyond funding, we want to bring more awareness into the mainstream through the advocacy of our community.

This makes it easier for cause-based and non-profit organizations to focus on what they do best, changing lives for the better.

Beyond a brand, ACTIIVST is a community of athlete-advocates who are on a mission to do good for themselves and others.

We are connected by the power of our individual and collective stories, determined to create a legacy of positivity and a better future.