We are committed to continuously evolving, holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and contributing to a sustainable future. We will always be transparent about our business practices, and if you have any specific inquiries please contact us here.

Use of Proceeds - We're just getting started, but we will share how we allocate proceeds that support causes and partner organizations, including:

  • Total proceeds allocated as a % of profits.
  • Cumulative tracking of total funds, categorized by cause.
  • Listing of the organizations we fund.
  • Information made available under the 'Impact' section of our site.

Partners - The cause-based and non-profit organizations that we allocate proceeds to are referred to as our 'partners:'

  • We are not directly affiliated with any of our partner organizations unless otherwise disclosed.
  • ACTIIVST does not officially represent any of our partner organizations, nor do to they officially represent us.
  • Proceeds are allocated to the partner's general fund unless otherwise disclosed or requested by them.

Ethical Production - We currently partner with two US-based companies to bring our product to life:

  • Melmarc, Inc. produces our t-shirts and hoodies. The manufacturing is done overseas and then imported to be printed at their facility in Los Angeles. Melmarc holds multiple social compliance certifications and more information can be found here.
  • Reach, Mfg. produces our headwear. We currently use standard blank stock from trusted brands such as Yupoong and Otto, which are then embroidered at a local facility in Los Angeles. More information can be found here.

Sustainability –While we are taking small steps today, we are committed to making continuous efforts to use more sustainable materials and reduce waste in the future. Some of our initial steps include:

  • Working with our production partners to make sustainable choices where they are available. These may include eco-friendly fabrics and the types of ink used in garment printing.
  • Limiting packing materials such as additional plastics, and using recycled and recyclable shipping supplies.
  • Limiting unnecessary product and marketing materials. For example, your product won’t come with hang tags or marketing that would otherwise be thrown away.

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - As a minority-owned business, our goal is to actively promote equality and equity across all our business practices, including:

    • Proper representation through all customer-facing touch points to ensure that we reflect the full spectrum of our community and society at large.
    • Featuring stories that, over time, reflect diversities such as race, gender, sexual orientation and religion.
    • Working with third-party partners that actively support DEI, and whenever possible, hire companies that are owned or operated by women, BIPOC and LGTBQ+.
    • Being transparent about the internal make-up of our team.